A Word About Freelancer Jobs – Why Honesty Pays Off!

Regardless whether you are new in the world of freelancing or already successfully finished some jobs, there’s always something to improve. It’s not only the skill-set that brings home the Green but also the way how you communicate with your clients. In this articles I tell you some words about honesty and why it can pay off.
To dive straight into the topic, not all that glitters is gold and in the world of freelancing there are always some black sheep. Often you have to be afraid if the client is satisfied and even worse if he actually pays for your work. That is why you should never do bigger projects “over the counter” but use freelancer sites. On these sites you can be sure that you are getting paid if you deliver quality work.

It’s not always easy to earn some reputation on these sites. But what can we do to earn reputation and get better chances of finding the big job offer? Besides of being friendly to the clients you should always be honest with your clients. Do not think of the amount of money you can make with a specific job in the first place. It’s better when you stay naturally and honestly tell the clients if you got some problems or if there are parts of your delivered work on which you can’t guarantee 100% correctness.

Of course this sounds weird but always think that there are always human on the other side and every human likes to be threaded with honesty. For example I had one client on a freelancer site for whom I worked really hard but always told him if there were parts (it was a big translation job) I can’t guarantee if it’s 100% correct. He let his team of proofreaders check the files and it turned out that they were all hugely satisfied. Now some weeks later I got a bonus payment of 90$ straight into my account. That is why I can not stress enough how important it is to be honest with your clients if you want to stay on the road and earn money online!
Of course you should wisely use your honesty because if you’re too honest right from the start, it could happen that someone else who claims to perfectly finish the job will snatch it. So you have to find a healthy degree of using your honesty to build strong relationships with your clients that in fact pay off!

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