Acme People Search Lite Review – A Home Based Business and A Way to Earn Money Online

So what is Acme People Search Lite?
Acme people search lite is the new product of Tissa Godavitarne. Founder of Acme People Search. Acme People Search Lite or APS Lite for short was published probably on December 2010. For a brief history, Acme People Search is an affiliate program which concentrates on people search related niche. Acme People Search is basically a people search engine and this search engine is given to members under the affiliate program. Giving them the opportunity to earn money online using the said niche. And then they promote the same program to anyone else or use their customized search engine to earn commissions. Building members a good home based business.

APS Lite in detailed review

So way back before, joining Acme People Search is free. So earning online for affiliates is upgradable for each and every step. Because way back before you have to complete 3 steps. You can still change to full version though if you joined APS Lite. Now with the new program which is APS lite, affiliates need to pay $10 for the web domain name and web hosting service which is under GDI (Global Domains International). With APS Lite, you also need to complete 3 steps as well. However, it is pretty much different compared to the Old Version.
Step 1. Register a domain name – You need to register a domain name under GDI using your own up line who signed you with GDI. You need to pay $10 per month for the web domain and web hosting package. Without an up line or person who referred you, you will not be able to register a domain name. However, they can randomly sign you up for a different up line. That is just one big negative draw back for GDI.
Step 2. Activate the GDI WordPress Blog – WordPress is very well known, it is because WordPress blogs are easier to rank at the search engines. So rather than having your own web site or web domain, you switch your website into a blog site. That way, blogs are faster to rank at the search engines. Easier for you to reach the top ranks at search engines like Google easier for your site to get noticed. Easier to get noticed, means more potential customers. The more potential customers you have, the more potential money for you to earn. It is a win-win on both sides actually.
Step 3. Installing the Search Engine Widget – rather than having a website that is hard to maintain to the top ranks at search engines. They made it easier for their members to earn online by having the actual search engine installed in your WordPress blog. Your blog is easier to maintain at the top ranks at search engines and you get the same benefits or commissions every time people use your search engine. Your search engine is now minimized and installed as an add on tool at your blog. So joining all the three elements or steps altogether, with this alone, you can already earn commissions and use your blog for people to search anyone they know in the US. You earn commissions every time people search a specific person on your web blog, at the same time, you are promoting your affiliate links on the blog as well for people to join. You earn commissions for every person you refer that joins the affiliate program that you promote.

My conclusion

Cons: Overall I would still recommend the older version for it is free to join and you can already start with no start up cost. Unlike the latter version, you really need to invest $10 firsthand. So basically, how about the people who are actually broke and don’t want to invest money on the program but is very much willing to try and earn a living online. One of the good factors of how to determine a good program is the program should actually be free and no costs. That way it is a proof that the program is willing to help individuals to generate income with just the individuals spare time and effort. After all, majority of workers online are the people who have a lot of spare time to lose and gain benefit in return.
Pros: It is easier to use, and easy to maintain. You really don’t need the technical know how to maintain it and keep it running. As long as you know how to type and follow simple instructions, you are good to go. You also do not need to know HTML and other technical terms in the computer world. Making it the perfect solutions for beginners who wants to try making money online. Whether you have the experience or not this will really help you out. In short it is very user friendly.

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